Onlyones Rules

If you are looking for our rules, look here:

In most cases users will receive a certain amount of warning(s) depending on the magnitude of the rule break, before a punishment is given. Please listen to the members of staff (admins/moderators) when they try to explain something to you.

Failure to adhere to the rules will result in these actions (Excluding the ones that are listed as "permanent ban")

1st Violation: Deletion of post/comment and warning

2nd Violation: 7 Day Temp-Ban

3rd Violation: Permanent-Ban


1.) General Server Rules.
2.) Posting
3.) Account
4.) Private Messages
5.) Signatures and Avatars
6.) Chatbox
7.) Vendor Rules
8.) Buyer rules

1.) General Server Rules:

1.1 Prohibited discussion (Permanent ban)

- Child Abuse
- Animal Abuse
- Weapons & Explosives
- Fraud
- No Fentanyl(including Analogs) Discussion Regarding Vendors, Vendor Reviews, Sourcing or Manufacturing/Adding/Introducing into Substances or Presses

Any discussion, at all regarding these subjects will result in an permanent ban.

1.2. No doxxing (Permanent ban)

- No personal information is allowed to be posted

1.3. No spam

This includes:

- Advertisements (Vendors are allowed to post, just dont actually spam the forum)
- Malicious Links
- Referral Links

1.4: No invite links, in posts nor in signatures
- No harassing, insulting or flaming.
- No racism.
- No offensive or pornographic sprays.
- No spamming in chat.
- No advertising.
- Do not pretend to be an admin/moderator.

2.) Posting:

2.1 The forum language is English. Please avoid using other languages than English when writing on the forum.

Exception 1:
Dkstreets, and the 3 dedicated groups for danish users. Please note that this area is not designed for spamming and shouldn't be used by users who aren't able to speak/write that language.

Exception 2:

You may also type in your own language when it's in threads directed towards one person such as introductions, leaving threads, happy birthday threads and such. Also if the guy has a request thread open for avatars or such you may also do it; keep it nice and follow the rules as you should in the other sections and don't misuse the liberty to do so.

2.2 Double posting is not allowed. Use the edit function to add new information/content.

If you have the same post for multiple groups. Then you can use the share button and share to another group.

2.3. No Trolling

According to Wikipedia: "In Internet slang, a troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a forum, chat room, or blog), either accidentally or with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion"

Trolls are not looked upon kindly; their accounts may be restricted or banned, and their posts may be removed or moved to an appropriate sub-forum.

2.4 Bumping should only be used if a thread has no reply for more than 2 weeks or has a constructive and still active meaning/subject.

2.5 Making threads or posting replies which include: racism, threatening, insulting, abusive (gore, extreme violence) or sexual content is strictly prohibited.

2.6 Show general courtesy. Don't insult or patronise peoples everyday life, family, tradition, culture or religion.

2.7 Spamming is also forbidden.

2.8 Advertisement of services, religion and political messages that are not related to the community/servers and/or against the server is not tolerated. Partial exceptions apply to the trading area.

2.9 If your thread gets locked there is a reason for us doing so. Don't open a new thread for the same thing in this case.

2.10 Abuse of account data, email data and so on is forbidden.

2.11 Abuse of the regulars, members or admins or any other, identification, pretending you are someone else is not allowed.

2.12 It's forbidden to abuse bugs or holes in the forum. If you find a bug we encourage you to report it immediately. Abuse of bugs of any kind may result in a permanent ban.

2.13 Posts which basically only consist of (previous topic) quotes are forbidden. Instead, use the ''Thank You'' button. (Exceptions: areas where you can't use the "Thank You" button -->)

3.) Account:

3.1 Any user on this forum is allowed to have exactly one account on the forum. People who see it as necessary to create more than one account will get banned.

3.2 The creation of accounts, which are similar to other user's account names or have the aim to fake those users will get banned instantly.

3.3 Stealing the identity of other people is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban.

3.4 The chosen nickname should not contain any offensive words. (this includes racism, bad language etc.)

4.) Private Messages:

4.1 Spam messages to a large amount of users is forbidden. In case of advertising it may result in a permanent ban.

4.2 The Private Message function shouldn't be used for flame wars.

4.3 Begging via PM for unbans is not allowed and will be simply ignored.

5.) Signatures and Avatars:

5.1 It's not allowed to use more than 1 signature picture. Exception: if all signatures together aren't larger than one normal signature. As for GIF files, they are allowed to me maximum 2 MB within the size range.

(Same goes for "walls of text" + hiding stuff that goes out of the range in spoilers or other codes)

5.2 The size of a signature shouldn't go far over (will be updated). We are tolerant up to a certain point but don't overdo it. We will feel free to ask you at any time to change the size of your signature.

5.3 Signatures and avatars with pornographic, racist or offensive content are completely forbidden.

6.) Chatbox:

6.1 Advertisement of products, services, religion and political messages that are not related to the community/servers and/or against the server is not tolerated.

6.2 Posting of offensive/racist language, pornographic and gore content is disallowed

6.3 The forum language is English. Please avoid using other languages than English when writing on the chatbox. Refer to private messaging systems such as Steam if you wish to communicate in another language.

6.4 Continually posting the same messages (flooding) or spamming the chatbox will not be tolerated.

7.) Regler for Market: (For danish groups)

Til sælgere:

- Det er ikke tilladt at lave salgsopslag før man er verified = blå verify
- Det koster 250,- at blive verified
- Alle salgs opslag skal indeholde tydelig billede af den nye vare.
- Det er ikke tilladt at gå udenom reglerne og bruge wickr for at snakke om forsendelse af pakke hvis man ikke er trusted seller, hvis vi opdager det er det permanent ban!
- det er ikke tilladt at lave opslag ang forsendelse af vare hvis man ikke er trusted seller.
- det er ikke tilladt at bruge andet end wickr her på siden.
- ved forsendelse af alle vare skal sælgere bruge Track and Trace for at have bevis, hvis man bliver rapported.
- For at kunne sælge, skal man kunne bevise, at man har de ting man vil sælge.

Til købere:

For at undgå snyd og scams: handel kun med trusted sellers! (grøn skjold med verified)

- Vi beder alle købere om at handle med trusted sellers. især igennem post! (Eget ansvar)
- Hvis man ikke er Trusted seller betyder det, at man vil udnytte siden, og ikke vil betale det symbolske beløb der er sat op. Hvor der desuden er stor chance på at sælgeren ikke er seriøs eller scammer.

If there any rules that you feel are missing or unclear, do please leave a comment.
For vendors and Markets Advetise here